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Career In Travel Tourism

Traveling has never been so easier as it is today. He traveling and tourism companies can now offer customized trips to meet everyone's needs. And the growth of the travel and tourism industry has also opened up opportunities for many making a career in travel and tourism a viable option. Different institutes across the country offer numerous career courses in travel and tourism industry. Many companies like Thomas Cook, SOTC, Coz and Kings, Indian Airlines, Emirates, British Airways, RCI, etc provides promising career opportunities in Travel and Tourism Industry.

Career in Travel and Tourism Industry

Different sections comprise the tourism and the travel industry. These sectors require people who have completed courses in travel and tourism industry.

The travel agencies are the organizations that provide the travel services to the people going on vacations or business trips and therefore one can also look for a career in travel and tourism industry in these travel agencies.

They provide details regarding the transport facilities, transport rates, currency exchange and the visa work. The tourism departments comprise of the counter staff, marketing staff, tour guides, tour planners, reservation staff etc. These people provide information regarding the tourist places and help you in planning the tour. A career in travel and tourism industry is lucrative because hotel industries also open wide doors for the candidates of the travel and tourism courses. These people at the various hotels provide numerous facilities or its customers. Apart from all these, there are other different sectors today that need the people who have completed career courses in travel and tourism industry

Institutes offering courses in Travel and Tourism

There are quite a good number of institutes in India that offer courses in travel and tourism. Some of such institutes are-

University of Delhi, New Delhi, Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, New Delhi, Kurukshetra University, Haryana, IATA/UFTAA 4-level career development program, University of Poona, Nashik, University of Mumbai, Himachal University, Shimla etc.


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