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Deccan College Post Graduate

Deccan College Post Graduate & Research Institute, Pune was officially inaugurated on October 6,1821 as an undergraduate and post graduate institute to impart courses on Archeology Linguistics,History,Sociology and Anthropology. Lord Elphinstone patronized the institute to a great extent. The Institute has now acquired the status of Deemed University.

Courses offered at Deccan College Post Graduate Research Institute: The courses offered by the departments are as follows

Master of Arts-M.A. In the following subjects:

1. Ancient Indian History,Culture and Archeology -Department of Archeology.
The Department of Archeology boasts of faculties in disciplines of Geomorphology,Archeo zoology, Paleobotany, Palynology, Archeological Chemistry,Biological Anthropology. The Department also has a well equipped laboratory.

2. Linguistics - Department of Linguistics.

The Department emphasizes on the 4 language families predominant in India as mentioned below:

1. Indo Aryan.
2. Tibeto Burman
3. Austro Asiatic
4. Dravidian

Extensive research activities are carried out in the following topics:

1. Descriptive Linguistics,
2. Sociolinguistics,
3. Applied Linguistics
4. Lexicography

Facilities: The institute boasts of a colossal library with 12,000 rare manuscripts and 150,000 books which are precious for research work

The Institute also has two museums

Museum of the Department of Archeology which boasts of a rare collection of materials on numismatics, epigraphy, ethno archeology, medieval archeology.
Maratha History Museum.

Contact Details of Deccan College Post Graduate Research Institute:
Deccan College Post Graduate and Research Institute Pune
Yeravada, Vishrantwadi Road
Pune - 411006, India
Phone: +91 - 02 - 06698744
Fax: +91 - 20 – 26692104


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