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First Vocational Education

TeamLease Services, a leading staffing firm, has entered into an agreement with the government of Gujarat to establish the very first Vocational Education University in India. The university will be called TeamLease University (TLU). Under this project, about 22 community colleges all over the state of Gujarat will be set up. These education centers will run 2 year associate degree programs in association with employers.

Chairman of TeamLease Services, Manish Sabharwal said that the university will represent all the goals and objectives of TeamLease Services. Its highlight will be sound employer connections, synchronized diploma and degree programs, self-learning and enhanced and quality student training programs. He added that it’s an honor for the firm to do innovation in the field of university education in India with Gujarat.

According to reports, 22 community colleges are planned to be set up over a span of 36 months. Of them, 10 colleges will be built over a period of 18 months. The 2 year associate degree programs to be offered by these colleges are meant to bridge the gap between traditional college degree courses and short term certificate or diploma programs offered by IIJT, a subsidiary of TeamLease.

Principal Secretary, Education, Govt. of Gujarat, Hasmukh Adhia said that today the main problem is not youth unemployment, but shortage of trained professionals. Gujarat government is emphasizing on human capital in the process and community college programs which are based on constructive employment connections are an integral solution to this problem.

It is said the university will work on multi-modal delivery system consisting of satellite delivery facilities to be made available from studios in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Delhi. Classroom instruction, on-job training and e-learning are also included in the system. All community colleges will be using technology to perform their functions. They will feature online community portals for faculty & students, satellite classrooms and biometric attendance methods.

Apart from this, all the programs will be provided in collaboration with employers who will be on the course review panel. The panel will have quarterly meets to examine admission parameters, assessments, curriculum, trainers and test among many other things.


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