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Physical Education Jobs

Importance of Physical Education

A lot of stress is given on fitness training in schools and colleges in India. Everyone knows that a ‘sound mind resides in a sound body’. But, maintaining physical and mental fitness is important for this. Today, a large number of schools and colleges in country appoint physical instructors or coaches to help students build their health. With proper training, they can lead a healthy life.

Further, physical education or training proves useful for students in following areas:

Increasing organic fitness
Enhancing neuromuscular skill
Building character and personality
Creating leadership qualities

Physical Education Jobs in Schools/ Colleges in India

Education system in India emphasizes more on wholesome health development of students including mental, physical and spiritual. Therefore, giving physical training or instruction is considered as an integral part of the curriculum in almost every school and college. The learning centers endeavor to foster student’s martial strength and vocational competence through a wide range of physical exercises and activities. Games like kabbadi and kho kho and yoga asanas are encouraged among students.

So, if you are looking for a career in this field in schools and colleges, you can apply for a position of physical education instructor. In case, you are a postgraduate in physical training, the option for physiotherapists or lecturers in a university can also be tried.

Coach or fitness jobs in India in schools/ colleges entail different roles and responsibilities including identifying promising players, teaching game rules, showing various methods and techniques of games and strategy making.

A physical education professional has a variety of job avenues to explore in addition to a coach, instructor or trainer profile in reputed schools and colleges in India. With appropriate training, experience and sound academic background, you can try your luck in diverse interesting spheres such as:

Sports journalist
Umpire/ referee
Sport and leisure club managers
Sports photojournalists
Professional players
Marketing executive for sports goods manufacturing company
Sports administration executive
Fitness experts in hotels
Team managers

Eligibility for Physical Education Jobs

A career in physical education can be very lucrative. But to attain success in this field, you need to be fit, healthy, confident, poise, calm and energetic. Basic requirement to get into a physical instructor job in any small schools is Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed.). However, if you have done post graduation courses such as Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.) and M.Phil in Physical Education, there will be no looking back for you. Diploma or certificate holders in physical education can also find attractive opportunities here.


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